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Organic humus fertilizer

Production and processing of organic humus fertilizer (soil optimizer)

Consumers of this product can use this soil as a public treasury bed and planting flowers in pots or planting cuttings in rooted practice and..

Characteristics of humus soil:

The highest quality humus is free of any anaerobic bacteria and fungi

Drainage and lightening of soil:

This product, by creating porosity in the soil and proper air circulation, prevents soil cohesion as a result of plant growth and facilitates its movement, and preserves soil nutrients and prevents soil salinity.

Rapid growth of edible fungi:

The use of this product for the rapid cultivation of edible mushrooms is very effective due to the supply of nutrients required by the fungus

This product helps to absorb water-soluble nutrients by retaining moisture and has an effective role in seed germination and rooting of plants.

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