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    Raw chipboard

    The raw chipboard product of this company has a quality and uniform texture by using the best poplar woods and native garden and forest species of Gilan plain and neighboring provinces. Asalem raw ...

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    Organic humus fertilizer

    Production and processing of organic humus fertilizer (soil optimizer)Consumers of this product can use this soil as a public treasury bed and planting flowers in pots or planting cutti...

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    paper pipe

    Production of standard high quality paperboard cardboard for consumers outside the company...

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    Layered boards

    With an annual production capacity of 6640 cubic meters, this unit produces various types of 3 to 25 mm layer boards (three, five, seven, nine and eleven). The amount of wood consumed is 15,000 cub...

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    Iran Wood and Paper Industries Company (Chouka) is a manufacturer of various types of packaging paper, including kraft and quasi-kraft (containing virgin wood kraft paste), test liner, floating and...

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